Adult high school

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The bilingual adult high school is formed by community members who, together with volunteer facilitators (or instructors), come together to advance their education in English, Spanish writing and grammar, history, social studies, the hard sciences, math, and computers. It began in 2011 and its members have increasingly become self-directed learners and also leaders in the Centro Autónomo. As with all education at the Centro Autónomo, the high school is an opportunity for us to learn as we also reflect on our neighborhood, our jobs, our dreams and stories, our reasons for coming to school, and our process of building community.


Here is a newsletter written by the 2013 high school students with beautiful descriptions of all the Centro Autónomo's projects.

Here are the testimonies that two 2012 high school students wrote for this web page:

My experience in High school.
I learned a lot here: social studies and history. It was a wonderful experience of learning and it wasn't boring at all. I have been in school when I was younger. I hated school. I never felt like going and now I love it. I don't know if it is the age. I am mature now. School really causes my attention. I like what I am doing. I want to learn more and I still have a long way to go. I want to thank my teachers.
-Lilia Tenorio

I can't say to much because this is my second week here in Centro Autonomo, but I think that the classes that Im taking have been good for me, because I'm learning to many things.
I see there is a lot of difference between Centro Autonomo and High School, because in high school I learned many things like Biology, Chemistry, Geometry, etc... and of course I understand everything but now I forget a few things.
So, the classes that I am taking are helping me with the things that I forget. I like this place too, cause I meet new people.
-Miryam Villalva

If you'd like to participate in the adult high school as a facilitator or student, please email centro [at] mexicosolidarity [dot] org, call 773 583 7728 or visit us at 3460 W Lawrence Ave, Chicago, IL 60625.