Immigration and Organizing in Chicago

Chicago Social Movements: Immigration and Community Organizing at the Albany Park Autonomous Center  - One, two, or three week programs available

Immigration reform is on the political agenda.  Politicians, news media, religious leaders, non-profit organizations, labor unions, Tea partiers and Arizona sheriffs make their views known daily, but one voice is missing from the debate - immigrants themselves.

sites/default/files/DSCN1339.JPGCome to Chicago for your Spring Break, J-term, May-term, Fall break or Summer vacation to learn about the dynamics of immigration and the process of community organizing directly from immigrant communities. Chicago is where the famous 2006 immigrant rights demonstrations began, and students will also learn about immigrant rights organizing throughout the city, with a focus on social movements in Albany Park.  The Albany Park Autonomous Center, located in Chicago’s most diverse neighborhood, is a center for popular education and organizing in the Latino immigrant community.  Students live and work with immigrant families for one, two or three week programs.

Workshop topics include immigration history and dynamics, labor issues, culture clashes, community organizing, formation of cooperatives, popular education, and more. Workshops are led by community members and professors from the Autonomous University of Social Movements. The Autonomous Center’s cooking cooperative keeps students well-fed with some of the best home-cooked meals from Mexico and Central America that you can imagine.  Immigrant families provide housing with one or two students per home.  Students give back to the community by teaching ESL, yoga or computer classes using popular education techniques developed during the program.

“Chicago Social Movements - Immigration and Community Organizing” programs include:
     -meetings with APAC members, cooperatives, and allies
     -program and readings tailored to group needs
     -housing with immigrant familiessites/default/files/DSCN1371_1.JPG
     -three meals a day
     -ground transportation within Chicago

Students groups of ten or more are invited to submit an
application for one, two or three week programs.
Program cost is $600 per week per student,
not including transportation to Chicago.  
For more information, contact AUSM [at] MexicoSolidarity [dot] org
or call 773-583-7728.


Contact person:
Number of students:
Program dates (programs available year round except Dec 20-Jan 2):

Why does your group want to participate in the “Chicago Social Movements - Immigration and Community Organizing at the APAC” program?

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