Alternative Economy Internship Program

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The Mexico Solidarity Network is looking for students, groups, recent graduates or community organizers who are interested in doing an internship in their city. There is no need to relocate for the internship and you can do it while attending college, high school or even working another job!

Click here for AE internship application form and instructions!

The internship program is part of a fair trade/solidarity program organized by the Mexico Solidarity Network in coordination with three Zapatista women's cooperatives. During the internship, you will learn about the Zapatista struggle for autonomy and alternatives to the predominant capitalist model. You will develop public speaking capabilities. You can ethically generate income doing this internship, with the amount of income depending on your time and organizing capacity.

Interns will receive material on indigenous rights and fair trade. Each intern will start with a package of fair trade items, including textiles produced by Zapatista cooperatives. Interns will organize at least one public presentation each month at which you will discuss indigenous rights and fair trade, and sell fair trade items produced in Zapatista cooperatives.

Presentations and sales can be organized at Sunday church services, community events, local universities, farmers markets, etc. For example, you can arrange to make a five-minute presentation at the end of a church service on Sunday morning, then sell fair trade items after the service. Or you can set up a table at university events, such as concerts, public talks or the cafeteria. Or you can arrange house parties where you discuss fair trade and indigenous rights, and sell fair trade items. Or you can request five minutes to speak at community events that are already organized, then set up a table at the events. You will be part of a growing fair trade movement that supports cooperative-based production in Zapatista communities.

To apply for the internship, please fill out the Alternative Economy Internship application or call 773-583-7728 or email msn [at] mexicosolidarity [dot] org for more information.

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