Antonio Gutierrez is the development coordinator of Centro Autónomo's housing project, Casas del Pueblo Community Land Trust and coalition campaigns. He holds a Bachelors in Architecture from the Illinois Insitute of Technology. His previous work as a community organizer and activist is around the issues of immigration, anti-deportation, education, and LGBTQ. Contact: Antonio [at] mexicosolidarity [dot] org



Cecilia Maya is a coordinator and community organizer of Centro Autónomo. Cecilia completed the Adult High School Program in the year 2013. She has participated in the Events Committee and other collectives at Centro Autónomo. She is currently part of the Sparkling Cleaning Co-operative and coordinates the daycare program as well as various other activities at Centro Autónomo. Contact: Cecilia [at] mexicosolidarity [dot] org



Bárbara Suárez Galeano  is a current master's student studying Popular Education and Community Organizing at the AUSM. She participated in the AUSM-Mexico study abroad program as a student in 2011 and served as co-coordinator in 2013. Shortly after, Bárbara spent 6 months interning at Fray Bartolome de las Casas Human Rights Center in Chiapas. She has a bachelor's in Sociology and Latin American studies from New College of Florida. Currently, Bárbara works directly with the Adult High School Program where she facilitates classes grounding her practice in an anti-capitalist stance guided by the principles of popular education. Contact: Barbara [at] mexicosolidarity [dot] org


Nicole Maldonado is the coordinator of Centro Autónomo's health program. She received her BA in Sociology from Northeastern Illinois University and her MA in Community Organizing and Popular Education from Autonomous University of Social Movements (AUSM)/University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (UWM). Nicole's work as a community organizer and activist are geared towards access to healthcare for all, sex worker rights and animal rights. Contact: Nicole [at] mexicosolidarity [dot] org



Tony Nelson has worked as a community organizer, teacher, and human rights activist around the issues of immigration, education, prison education, anti-neoliberalism, and US-sponsored torture and currently serves as a director for the AUSM-Mexico study abroad program. He received a BA from Grand Valley State University and a MA from Syracuse University in the areas of communication theory, rhetoric, and philosophy. Contact: Tony [at] mexicosolidarity [dot] org



Alejandro Monzón is a coordinator and professor of the AUSM-Mexico study abroad program. He received his BA in Sociology and Hispanic Studies from Illinois Wesleyan University and his MS in Community Organizing and Popular Education from the Autonomous University of Social Movements (AUSM)/ University of Wisconsin Milwaukee (UWM). As a master's student, he worked as an organizer with the Centro Autónomo housing movement, organizing with tenants and homeowners facing foreclosure and eviction. Contact: Alejo [at] mexicosolidarity [dot] org


Astrid Diego is the coordinator of the AUSM-Cuba study abroad program. She participated, as a student, in the AUSM-Mexico study abroad program in the fall of 2011. She holds a BA in Spanish for the Professions from the University of Colorado at Boulder. As a member of UMAS y MEXA de CU Boulder, Astrid’s work as a community organizer and activist was geared towards issues of immigration, access to higher education, and health that surround the Chican@/Latin@ community. Contact: Astrid [at] mexicosolidarity [dot] org




Dra. Maria Gloria Benavides Guevara is a professor of Spanish and Mexican culture in the Study Abroad Program. She holds a doctorate in anthropology from the CIESAS in Mexico City. Contact: Elisa [at] mexicosolidarity [dot] org




Dr. Tom Hansen is the International Education Director of the Mexico Solidarity Network. From 1988 to 1997 Tom was the Director of Pastors for Peace. From 1987 to 1988 he organized the first national material aid caravan to Latin America as National Coordinator of the Veterans Peace Convoy to Nicaragua. From 1984-1986 he was co-founder of the New York-Nicaragua Construction Brigade. He has a doctorate in rural development from the UAM-Xochimilco in Mexico City. Contact: Tom [at] mexicosolidarity [dot] org