Application deadlines

Fall semester: May 1st  •  Spring semester: November 1st  • Summer semester: April 15th 

Important Admissions Information

All applicants must be at least 18 years old and have a passport that remains valid until at least 6 months after the program ends. Applicants are NOT required to be enrolled in a college or university in order to participate in the program. Preference is given to people who: a) exhibit a history of commitment to grassroots political struggles, b) are highly motivated and open to new experiences, c) are from low-income families, especially those from families who recently immigrated to the US.

To participate in the Mexico Solidarity Network Study Abroad Program

[NOTE: most linked forms are fillable .pdf files; please send all application materials to studyabroad [at] mexicosolidarity [dot] org]

•  Fill out our online application and pay the $25 application fee online or by mailing a check (see address below).
•  Forward the Reference Form to your two references for completion. Ask them to send the completed forms to us by email (preferred) or snail mail.
•  Answer these essay questions and send them to us via email as a .pdf attachment (NOTE: if you use Apple Preview for opening .pdf files, you must click out of the box before saving or it will erase your answers)
•  Print the Approval of Participation form, the Syllabus and Schedule, and MSN's statement on Safety, Health, and Crisis Management and bring them to your school's study abroad advisor and/or your academic advisor. (This list of 95+ universities that have accepted the program's credits may also come in handy.) Once completed, scan and send us the Approval of Participation form via e-mail (preferred) or snail mail.    
•  Once we receive your references, essays, and Approval of Participation form, we will arrange a telephone interview with you. Offers of admission are generally made within two weeks of the interview and receipt of references.

•  Within two weeks of your acceptance, you must send in a Confirmation of Participation form and make a non-refundable deposit of $500 in order to reserve your place on the program. Also, please read and become familiar with our Conditions of Participation.

•  All study abroad participants are required to obtain "emergency hospitalization" and "emergency repatriation" coverage. Most domestic insurance policies do not cover this and only some international travel policies do. MSN's insurance agent offers this coverage to our students at a very affordable rate. Participants must either send us their policy coverage with the "emergency hospitalization" and "emergency repatriation" clauses highlighted, or opt for the plan through MSN's insurer.
•  You and your physician will need to fill out a medical form in conjunction with a recent medical examination. Please make your doctor's appointment early as it can often be difficult to see doctors at the last minute.

•  Email or mail the following materials at least one month before the start date of the program
    a. flight information
    b. hi-res, color copy of passport
    c. release form

*Use this checklist to make sure you're on track with the application process.

Conditions of Participation.pdf58.19 KB
checklist for apps- student copy.pdf62.73 KB
Reference Form (ext).pdf226.65 KB
Confirmation of Participation form (fillable).pdf275.52 KB
release and indemnification agreement (print).pdf265.54 KB
essay questions for app (fillable).pdf272.35 KB
SAP Approval of Participation (fillable).pdf346.12 KB
medical form (fillable).pdf333.96 KB