AUSM / Study Abroad

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The Autonomous University for Social Movements (AUSM, and yes, it’s pronounced like awesome) is a broadly based, academically rigorous program that includes:

Study abroad in Mexico: initiated in 2005, the program is focused on the theory and practice of Mexican social movements. Students live and work with the Zapatista movement in Chiapas, the Frente Popular Francisco Villa-Independiente (Mexico’s largest housing movement located in Mexico City), and the Consejo Nacional Urbano y Campesino (a state-wide non-indigenous campesino movement in Tlaxcala). Semester, Summer and special short term programs are available.

Study abroad in Cuba: initiated in 2010 in conjunction with six US colleges and universities, the program focuses on the history, culture and politics of Cuba. In partnership with the Universidad de Ciencias Pedagogicas Enrique Jose Varona in Havana, students live with home stay families and study with some of Cuba’s leading academics, popular educators and social actors. Semester, Summer and special short term programs are available. AUSM programs in Cuba are licensed under the Office of Foreign Assets Control, the federal agency that manages the US embargo of Cuba.

Centro Autonomo in Chicago: initiated in 2005, the Centro Autonomo is a community center in a largely Latino barrio on the north side of Chicago. AUSM offers two-week re-entry programs for study abroad students and short term alternative Spring break, J-term and May-term programs. Students live with immigrant families who are members of the Centro. Morning courses focus on immigration dynamics, history and politics, and community organizing theory and practice.  Afternoon sessions introduce students to the barrio and other community organizations. Evenings are dedicated to volunteer work in the Centro, including an adult bilingual high school, five levels of ESL, computer classes, gender workshops, a housing movement that defends families from foreclosure and eviction, the Casas del Pueblo Community Land Trust, a women’s domestic worker cooperative, a youth health education program, and much more.  

For more information:
AUSM [at] mexicosolidarity [dot] org • Tel: 773 583 7728