The Autonomous University of Social Movements is a unique organizing/education project dedicated to the theory, practice and context of social movements.  Grounded in a commitment to developing effective strategies for profound social change, AUSM (pronounced “awesome”) is based in the Albany Park Autonomous Center and inspired by living social movements in Chicago, Mexico City, Chiapas and Tlaxcala.  Student praxis involves development of strong critical theoretical foundations tested against and refined during daily participation in living social movements at the Centro Autónomo, around Chicago, and in Mexico.  AUSM projects include:

-The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee offers a master's degree in the Cultural Foundations of Education with a concentration in Community Organizing and Popular Education that is undertaken at the Centro Autónomo. Students enrolled in this program live, complete a majority of coursework, and do their practicums in Albany Park, Chicago and take one online class with UWM per semester. (more)

-Our study program in Mexico is carried out in partnership with the Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana in Mexico City, and Hampshire College and the State Universities of New York.  Spring and Fall semesters are 13-week, 16-credit programs.  Summer semesters are 6-weeks, 8-credit programs. (more)

-Our bi-national research program matches students with Mexican social movements.  Students volunteer for a semester, working directly with living social movements while carrying out original research for a senior, masters or doctoral thesis.  The program is recognized by the Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana as a Diplomado, considered the equivalent of half a masters program in Mexico. (more)

-Our bilingual adult high school, launched in September of 2010, offers Latino immigrants who didn’t finish high school in their home countries the opportunity to complete their studies in the Albany Park Autonomous Center.

Autonomous University of Social Movements based in the Centro Autónomo de Albany Park
3460 W. Lawrence  Chicago, IL  60625  773-583-7728  ausm at mexicosolidarity dot org