Photo Albums

Students on each study abroad program collaborate to paint a mural in the vicinity of the language school in Oventic, Chiapas. It's an act of artistic and political solidarity with the indigenous community there, as well as a way to communicate some of the lessons they've learned while studying at the language school. Here are the past three years' additions.

A short sampling of the many things happening each week at the Centro: marches, classes, meetings, parties, exhibitions, concerts, assemblies, and much more.

In Mexico City we stay with the Frente Popular Francisco Villa Independiente (of the Panchos for short), an organization that brings together tens of thousands of families fighting for dignified housing and a larger struggle for autonomy. Students live with the families that make up the Panchos and also meet with human rights defenders, organized sex workers, indigenous merchants, human rights defenders, popular educators, and student activists.

Photos courtesy of spring 2012 students Kaylee Knowles, Jovanni Jauregui, and Francisco Diaz

Photos of students with the University of Colorado's INVST program during their alternative break in Chicago during the summer of 2010, as well as Kansas University's ECM group that visited in January 2011.

A collection of photos from previous study abroad trips.  Enjoy!