Housing is a Human Right! The dignified fight for homes in Mexico City and beyond

10/12/2015 - 10/23/2015

Our featured speaker is Enrique Reynoso of Mexico City's Organización Popular Francisco Villa de Izquierda Independiente (OPFVII), also known as “Los Panchos.” The Panchos bring together tens of thousands of people who occupy land and build thriving, autonomous communities in the heart of one of the world's grittiest cities. They do this without allying with any political party and by going beyond narrow housing demands to promote urban self-government, community safety, and autonomous education, culture, and health. The Panchos are an amazingly inspiring example of people power, and Enrique will share their story, lessons, and dreams.

Download a flyer here

Tues, 13-Oct
12:45-2:30p @ Education 309, USFCA. San Francisco, CA
4:35p-5:30p @ LM 140, USFCA. San Francisco, CA
7:00-9:00pm @ the Omni Commons (4799 Shattuck Ave) with Chiapas Support Committee. Oakland, CA

Weds, 14-Oct
9:10-10:30am @ Library Events Room LIB 121, SFSU. San Francisco, CA
12:15-1:20pm Tiered Room 431 Berkeley City College. 2050 Center St. Berkeley, CA.
7:30-9:30pm 518 Valencia with Shaping SF, San Francisco, CA
Thurs, 15-Oct 1:30-3:30 Campus Center Rooms A&B, De Anza College. Cupertino, CA
Fri, 16-Oct 11-12p Room 126, Building 460 (Margaret Jacks Hall), Stanford University. Palo Alto, CA
Mon, 19-Oct 6-7:30p Industrial Technology Room 101, CSU Fresno. Fresno, CA
Tues, 20-Oct 7-9pm Deihl 118, Whittier College. Whittier, CA
Weds, 21-Oct 9:30-10:50am Avery Hall 204, Pitzer College. Claremont, CA
Thurs, 22-Oct 1:30pm University Student Union Theater, CSU Los Angeles
Fri, 23-Oct 6:30-8:30p Academic Hall 102, CSU San Marcos

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