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In this economic crisis and in a society that renders women susceptible to financial dependency, the cooperative model of business is important and empowering. Through collective job creation and decision-making, cooperative members are creating alternatives to the rampant profits-over-people mentality. Giving monetary value to traditionally unpaid “women’s work” (cooking and cleaning) is a step in the right direction towards creating a world where work is dignified and people are able to develop their interests to their fullest potential.


Cleaning Power is diverse group of women from North and South America living in Chicago who have come together to improve their lives, the lives of their families, and their community through a worker-owned and operated cooperative providing high quality cleaning services.

Through Cleaning Power, they seek to create a space for ownership over the direction of their lives and empower each other to participate in collective decision-making. They believe in the importance of receiving a living wage and just working conditions. Their high quality work reflects the values of self-respect and dignity. Their ownership and pride over their work ensures professional, detail-oriented and thorough cleaning services.

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